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Windhaus Associates suggests considering the following firms for global business services:

Max Kraft Advertising Studio is an Eastern European (Latvia) graphics illustration firm that has provided our agency with a comprehensive revision of text and graphic display of flowcharts located on various pages of our web sites. Max Kraft provides web site assistance in design, graphics, use of flash, animation and incorporation of educational content.

United Forward, Inc. is an established firm for accessing the automotive, oil & gas, metals and natural resources markets in the Russian Federation and Eastern Europe. It has an extensive customer base resulting from success of financing services in a region sorely lacking in capital, and provides a clear opportunity for North American companies seeking to develop distribution channels to Eastern Europe and the Russian Federation. UF specializes in import/export, product procurement, financing, industrial project development and general business consulting.

World Trade Magazine is a superior publication devoted exclusively to import/export. If you purchase or sell outside your national boundaries this magazine and web site offer significant information that may impact your future business decisions. Access the site's search engine for Market Research & Trade Aid by U.S. economic and foreign trade offices, utilities, foreign trade promotion offices and organizations, U.S. government trade contacts and the all-products category. Use the Trade Finance search engine to locate U.S. banks with international departments, foreign banks with U.S. offices, alternative financing, credit reporting agencies, foreign sales corporations and international payment services. And view the extensive search engine for Trade Services, including export management & trading, global e-commerce, executive education, language services, translation software, tradeshow management & services, trade consultants, testing & certification companies, international market research, international business products, legal services and customs clearance. Other directories are available in its Annual Resource Guide. A free hard copy subscription is offered. View WTM's top 30 countries for trade & expansion in 2001., A Hispanic search engine, BuscaPique lets you access 14 portals to Hispanic, Latino & Spanish-speaking countries in North, Central & South America, Europe & the Pacific Rim.

Klatu, Inc, located in Miami, Florida, is a supply chain procurement software specialist in technology products. It's proprietary application is a uniquely powerful, e-commerce supply chain ordering system, providing access for major computer manufacturers, office suppliers and parts distributors of printers and ATM's to the B2B, B2C and channel markets in the Caribbean and Latin America.

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